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JRC LV Switchgear Panels

JRC bring the first every complete knock- down type universal enclosure solution in Bangladesh. State of art technology and modern aesthetic design has added new dimension to JRC’s Metal enclosures. Modern machineries, experienced design engineers, dedicate production line and use of automatic tools in assembly makes JRC Enclosures superior in the market. Welding-less enclosure skeletons ensures highest level of quality in workmanship and pristine assembly. Use of Universal Perforated channels in internal assembly of enclosures are compatible for all kind of novel equipment regardless the brand and make. Zinc-Alloy coated Sheet metals ensure rugged operation, suitable for tropical and humid weather of Bangladesh.

JRC Conforms the international standards for respective enclosures

  • IEC 61439 1 & 2
  • IEC 60715 (1995)
  • IEC 62208 (2002)
  • IEC 61641 (2014)
  • IEC 60269 (2009)
  • IEC 60947 1 & 2
  • IEEE C37.20.1 (2015)
  • BS 6626 (2010)
  • IS 8623-1 (1993)
JRC's LV Switchgear's

Key Features

Robust Application

JRC’s Welding-free multi-channel fitted enclosures are suitable for installation at tropical environment. 

Robust design with Zinc-Alloy coated universal perforated multiband channel ensures durability

Both Free standing and wall mount enclosures are designed for hazard-free operation.

Universal Modular Design
Enables us to stand alone in the panel building industry of the country with unparallelly features:
Standard and Universal Panels makes assembly and delivery rapid.
Enables us to attach any circuit breaker regardless brand and origin. 
Enables quick replace of equipment  and modification in supplied enclosure.
Easy access to all part during maintenance.
Modular Design enables flexibility in future extension and quick adjustment.
Professional Standard Protection

Each enclosure is withstand of its rated voltage capacity ensuring its proper safety and protection as per international standards.

Breaker assembly and enclosure channels assembly designs comply and confirms creepage distance among enclosure.

Testing & Commissioning Facilities

  • Up to 20 MVA, 33 kV
  • All Routine tests as per IEC 60076.
  • Transformer Oil Test.
  • Tend Delta Test.
  • All types of Power & Distribution Transformer Testing
  • up to 400 kV, 250 MVA
  • All type of onsite Transformer commissioning tests
  • Bushing Ten Delta Test
  • Transformer Bushing CT Analyzing.
  • OLTC Dynamic Resistance Test.
  • High Voltage Withstand Test up to 100 kV, AC/DC.
  • Oil Centrifuging machine – 10,000 Liter/ hour capacity.
  • Lifting and Loading facility – up to 100 MVA. 

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