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Cast Resin transformer

CAST RESIN transformer


JRC’s partnering transformers are designed and manufactured
in accordance with the standard IEC60076-11, Ed. 1-0 May 2004.
All transformers comply with:

  • Environmental class E2: capable to be used in the presence
    of frequent condensation and heavy pollution
  • Climatic class C2: suitable for operation, transport and
    storage at ambient temperatures down to -25°C
  • Fire behavior class F1: self-extinguishing, free from
    halogens, with no emission of toxic substances and
    opaque smoke.


  • Quality as ISO certification
  • Quality as total respect of
    environment with ISO 14001-2004
  • Quality of products and person
    through ISO EN 3834-2, EN15085,
    UL File E172880 and UL File
    E216928 certification
  • Certificate of conformity to
    GOST R
State of Art

Transformer Manufacturing Facilities

HV and LV Winding

Fully automated high tension and low tension copper winding process ensures fast and compact coiling of JRC transformer.

Cut to Length Core Processing Line

JRC’s CNC operated Cut to length core cutting and core stacking line allows us rapid production

Automatic Fin Processing System

CNC operated automatic Fin processing and welding process makes our Transformer tank welding State of Art.

Demoisturizing Heat Chamber

up to 24 Units of Transformer at a time.

Oil Centrifuging Facility

10000 Liter/ hour

Core Stacking and Lifting Facility

CNC Operated fully automatic.


The transformers are manufactured and certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001-2015 for design and manufacture of Power Transformers. JRC transformers have been designed and manufactured according to the provisions laid down by the main national and international standards and certified by the following certification body:

CPRI, India

200 kVA – 11/0.415 kV

250 kVA – 11/0.415 kV

315 kVA – 11/0.415 kV

DUET, Bangladesh

2000 kVA – 11/0.415 kV

BSTI, Bangladesh

200 kVA – 11/0.415 kV

250 kVA – 11/0.415 kV

315 kVA – 11/0.415 kV

Testing & Commissioning Facilities

  • Up to 20 MVA, 33 kV
  • All Routine tests as per IEC 60076.
  • Transformer Oil Test.
  • Tend Delta Test.
  • All types of Power & Distribution Transformer Testing
  • up to 400 kV, 250 MVA
  • All type of onsite Transformer commissioning tests
  • Bushing Ten Delta Test
  • Transformer Bushing CT Analyzing.
  • OLTC Dynamic Resistance Test.
  • High Voltage Withstand Test up to 100 kV, AC/DC.
  • Oil Centrifuging machine – 10,000 Liter/ hour capacity.
  • Lifting and Loading facility – up to 100 MVA. 

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