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POWER transformer

POWER transformer

35kV series transformers are with the following character-istics: low loss,low noise, protection against thunder and lightning,high short-circuit withstand capacity and beautiful appearance etc.It is made by advanced assembling lines and method, with qualified and refined accessories. It enjoys four remote functions: “remote communication,remote test, remote adjustment and remote control”. By remote control from a computer, the power station could be free from supervision in the office. 35kV series energy-saving transformers have passed the Identification Test by
State Bureau of Machinery Industry, and State Power Corporation. 35kV series transformers are mainly used in urban and rural power grids and other industrial, mining enterprises, power transmission and distribution industry and also agriculture projects.
  • The core is processed by advanced vertical cut, horizontal cut, and stacking with stepped lap core and grade 3 seams. It disperses the air distribution, improves flux trend, thus, and decreases the no-load loss, no-load current and noise.
  • The core uses particular adhesive for the plate, press ring, and silicon steel surface; and a range of overall structure and measures are used to increase the mechanical strength.
  • New structure of HV, LV windings and reasonable layout of oil duct and connecting area increases the capacity of mechanical strength and short-circuit withstand capacity.
  • The tank is bell type or core-lifting type, and the tank side is as corrugated form, with flowing lines, simplicity and beauty.

33 kV Off circuit Tap Changer

33 kV On Load Tap Changer

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